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A good logo can elevate a company to the forefront of people’s minds and make it stick there. For every truly excellent logo, however, think about how many countless thousands of poor-to-middling logos there are that haven’t left their impression on you. When the world of business is as intense and competitive as it is, you need to capitalise on every area in which you can attract the customer’s attention. Your logo is one of the best ways in which you can do exactly that. With that in mind, our Essex logo design agency wanted to look at just how beneficial a good logo design can be for your business.

Some Interesting Statistics About Logos

Let’s start with a fun fact rather than a stat, because who doesn’t love a fact? The world’s oldest (known) continuous commercial logo is none other than good old tea-producer Twinings which has been using the same logo since the late 1780s. Now, though, let’s get back to business, shall we, and look at something that shows just why you might want to give your logo some more thought.


Speaking of how your logo is one of your brand’s leading identifiers; it turns out, in fact, that it’s the leading brand identifier. Earlier this year, Renderforest found that 75% of people recognise a brand by its logo, 60% by visual style, 45% by brand colour and 25% by unique voice. You can see, then, a logo can – if not break a company – then it can certainly make one. Thinking about this further, have you ever played one of those logo quiz apps you can get? We’d put a lot of money on the fact that you’ll always be able to remember a greater number of logos than you are, let’s say, taglines.

The graphic designers at our Essex logo design agency will work with you to learn the ins and outs of your business – to learn what makes your business so uniquely yours. We’ll then take that, digest it, live and breathe it, and then come back to you with a whole palette of different logo ideas we think would work for your company. What’s not to like?

Is Your Logo Branding Visually-Led Or Text-Heavy?

On the surface, you might not think this question actually matters that much. When you factor in the fact, however, that according to Nuanced Media the human brain is able to process images a staggering 60,000 times faster than it can words. It seems there’s a reason, then, that the phrase “a picture tells a thousand words” still regularly does the rounds today.

You want your branding (and your logo, in particular) to communicate quickly and clearly to potential customers not just what you’re offering but the tone and ‘flavour’ of your company, as well. If you’re a high-flying legal firm, then you want your logo to reflect that slick, corporate and professional tone. If you’re a small start-up selling crazy, out-there flavours of bubble tea, on the other hand? Well, then you’ve got justification to go more abstract with your approach.

Working With You And Not Just For You

Capturing the essence of a brand is hard, it’s really, really difficult and so you need to know that the people you’re hiring to design your logo understand the importance of what they’re doing. It would be easy, after doing it day in and day out, to see a new job or project as exactly that. Just another job.

Our Essex logo design agency doesn’t see it that way, however. Because we know whilst we might design several other logos that week, your business is very often your baby and it should be treated accordingly. We’ll give your company the time and attention it needs and deserves to transform your brand through your logo.

Changes To A Logo Or Something Completely Fresh?

We can either draft up entirely new logos for entirely new companies, or we’ll just as happily take on re-branding projects for you. For many businesses, and particular smaller ones and SMEs, they start out as one thing and a decade later end up being quite another. So, the logo you have might not even be that bad – it just mightn’t reflect the company you are now.

We’re happy to work on existing themes and ideas or approach it completely from left-field, it’s entirely up to you! Our team have backgrounds in everything from tattoo work to jewellery, from IT to online outlet stores. One thing always remains constant in our approach, however, and that’s our commitment to our clients.

Consultancy And Ideation

Look at those logos you recognise best. Think of the truly mega global brands, the kinds that you’d recognise in a heartbeat. The Swoosh of Nike, the Golden Arches of McDonald’s or the apple of…well, Apple! Asides from anything else, they’ve succeeded because of the simplicity of their branding. They’re not fussy or overcomplicated logos; instead, like baby bear’s porridge, they’re just right.

As part of our service as an Essex logo design agency, we can review existing logos or ideas that the client might have about potential logos, moving forward. From our experience, simpler always works better – it’s just about finding that one image, motif or icon that really nails your company’s tone of voice.

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We could sit here for hours extolling the virtues of a good logo. We could write thousands upon thousands of words on the topic, but you know what would be better, thinking about it – how about a logo?!…

So, if you’d like to find out more about our Essex logo design agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can click here to fill out one of our online enquiry forms on our website. We’d love to hear from you, have a virtual meeting and a good old-fashioned chat about how we can help with your company’s logo ambitions, moving forward!