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Essex Digital Marketing Agency: How Digital Marketing Has Evolved and What You Need to Know.

During our time as an Essex digital marketing agency, the world as we know it has most definitely changed. With technology evolving so rapidly, it’s no wonder that consumer behaviour has also developed through the years. Firstly, in order for any marketing campaign to be successful, you need to understand why your consumers buy what they do. Without this key piece of knowledge, how are you ever supposed to sell more of what you are offering? Secondly, you also need to know how best to reach them. 

At VerriBerri, we have been an Essex digital marketing agency for well over a decade. During this time, we have experienced lots of changes to the way we work. Despite this, we have continued to evolve as trends do too. As such, we have launched many successful campaigns for our clients. We work with businesses all across the world, predominantly in the UK and USA. Featuring in our portfolio are hundreds of companies spanning various different sectors. No matter your budget or business, we have the skillset to help your brand reach dizzying new heights. 

How Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Has Changed

Really, there are a few key elements that have led digital marketing to where it is today. For instance, internet usage sky rocketed during the early 2000’s. It’s recorded that in 1992, internet traffic accounted for only 100 GB per day. Fast forward to 2021 and this is expected to average at around 105,800 GB per second. In addition, the search engines we use have also changed. In 1990 the first search engine, Archie, was invented. Fast forward to present day, Google takes top spot when it comes to scouring the internet; with other options such as Bing following behind.

Social media and mobile phone usage has also affected the way digital marketing works and the way we shop. In 1997, the first social media site was invented. Although not around anymore, it definitely paved the way for social media as we now know it. 

Obviously, the invention of the first iPhone in 2007 revolutionised the way many of us shop. Smartphone’s and other technology made online shopping even more accessible allowing us to make purchases whenever we like. It also opened us up to far more variety. Before the internet and mobile phones were invented, your only options were what you could get hold of locally. Nowadays, you can buy items from the other side of the world and receive them in a matter of days. This meant far more competition for many businesses. 

Obviously, as new social media platforms develop, every good marketing strategy should also evolve to move with trends. By many companies offering customer support through social media and also email, this has led to a higher expectation when it comes to customer service. Unless your company is offering easy ways to reach out, many people will go elsewhere. 

What a Digital Marketing Team Does

Now we have covered the above, you can hopefully begin to see the shift in consumer behaviour caused by digital technology. As an Essex digital marketing agency, we are of course, well educated on consumers and how best to reach your targeted segment. On the whole, it is our job to advise the clients we work with where their time is best spent. Once we have identified this, we can then begin implementing your marketing strategy. This could be posting on socials, generating PR leads or a mix of everything. 

Digital marketing is a broad topic and one that encompasses lots of different things. Therefore, it’s important that you’re aware of all your options before going any further. Naturally, not every digital marketing method will fit every company. Knowing where to start can be daunting which is why we recommend seeking help from professionals. Even if you don’t have the biggest budget for marketing, VerriBerri would be more than happy to act as a consultancy for you. Alternatively, let us take full control and watch your brand flourish right before your very eyes. 

Creating Your Virtual Identity

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Social media is one element of digital marketing that many companies choose to do themselves. Really, this seems logical considering many of us utilise these social platforms in our everyday lives. Despite social media being relatively easy to figure out on your own, many businesses come to us having struggled with boosting their engagement. It is one thing being able to post however, if nobody is going to see your content, what is the point in it being there

What you put out on social media can really help to solidify your brands reputation. Alongside this, it of course makes your brand more visible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have known you existed. What many of our clients forget to consider however, are the many other benefits social media can bring. For instance, its use for customer service, promoting brand exclusivity and in some cases, recruitment too. 

Boosting Your Ranking on Google

In order to boost their efficiency, Google works hard to show us only the best and most useful content. The way they identify these sources is through their ever-changing algorithm. Therefore, in order for businesses to rank better, they need to find ways to satisfy what Google wants to see. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

SEO is actually an extremely difficult and technical process. You see, Google don’t release their criteria for what makes a ‘good’ website because this would completely defeat the object. This means that the only way you can achieve a better SEO value is by utilising the combined experience and knowledge of an expert team. The lower down on the SERP you rank, the less organic site traffic you will experience. Hopefully, this highlights just how vital SEO is and why you need professionals working on your ranking.

Designing Your Online Space

In addition to this, you should also be ensuring your website is running effectively too. With so much competition out there, if your site isn’t easy to navigate, people are going to click off.

The trouble is, creating your own website means you have a bias outlook. Not to mention, the technicalities behind doing so. Bringing onboard a specialist team means you’re able to have a fresh set of eyes on the project. As well as this, utilising the help of our Essex digital marketing agency will help save you time.

Getting You Seen In the Press

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Finally, we come to PR. Digital PR is one of our most popular marketing methods despite people being hesitant at first. The journalism industry can be unpredictable making lead generating difficult. Whereas other companies don’t tend to replace these leads if they are dropped, VerriBerri offer a complete guarantee on our PR results. This means that if you are promised something, we will go above and beyond to deliver. 

Podcast appearances, influencer marketing and articles in online publications can work wonders for any brand. In order to gain these opportunities, however, you’re going to need a team behind you. We have spent years establishing connections within the PR industry and trust us, without these existing relationships, you’re going to struggle.

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