UK Press Release Distribution: Are They Still Relevant?

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UK Press Release Distribution: Are They Still Relevant?

Our PR team know how to get a brand’s message across, whether that’s through UK press release distribution, at events, or in their latest influencer campaign. Delivering amazing results is something we’re passionate about. What’s more, we’re a multiskilled team with experts covering every aspect of marketing. With our unique PR guarantee and dedicated team, you can be confident your project is in safe hands. 

Within the PR landscape, there has been lots of discussion surrounding UK press release distribution. In fact, the relevance of press releases in a modern world is something that is heavily debated. Despite this, our award-winning PR agency believe they do still serve a purpose. Within this post, we will discuss the many pros and cons of this form of media.

Advantages of Utilising Press Releases

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UK press release distribution can work wonders for a company’s reputation. When sharing your achievements, you help make your company sound and look elite. No matter what field you’re in, being viewed as an expert is always important. In fact, this can go a long way in establishing yourselves within your sector and with potential customers.


Press releases also allow you to access a wider audience. Well-known and respected publications will of course have an already established audience. When featuring within these, you’re going to reach areas of your target demographic that you didn’t even know existed. With more people knowing your name, this can only lead to one thing. Increased word of mouth. 

On the whole, press releases can be an inexpensive and effective way of letting the world know what your company is getting up to. When using an agency like ours, you are able to benefit from our wealth of press connections and the team’s writing skills. With our help, you can ensure that your message is clear, concise and reaches the right places! We know that a press release can make a targeted impact. For example, if your piece of news is relevant to your industry or local area these are the places it should be released. Press releases are not necessarily suited to a national audience. 

Disadvantages of Utilising Press Releases

It’s often argued that press releases are a thing of the past; a dated way of sharing information. Technically speaking, this isn’t wrong. Its reported that the first ever press release was all the way back in 1906. However, although digital technology may have evolved new ways to share information, press releases still hold importance. Journalists still use press releases in order to form a story. If picked up by the right publicist, this can work wonders for your brand. 

However, competition for press releases is still fairly fierce. Unfortunately, no matter how good you believe your narrative to be, there’s no guarantee you’ll be successful. Of course, if this is the case, it can end up being a fairly time-consuming task. Not only do you need to create the piece but also, there is no guarantee of exposure.

How to monitor marketing activity

Not every company update is newsworthy, a common mistake is the misuse or overuse of press releases. With guidance from experts in UK press release distribution, we can help you to construct a worthwhile story.

It’s important to remember that there are far more options for sharing information now than there once was. Not only this but they are often more subtle and organic too. With the help of an agency like ours, we can help publicise your successes through other channels such as social media. When press releases work in tandem with other methods, this can often make them much more effective.  

Our Specific Experience with UK Press Release Distribution

Many of our clients have benefitted from this form of PR when executed in the right way and at the right time. To offer an example, we recently worked with a client on the release of a children’s book. Given the current climate, our team knew this would be a good chance to issue an emotive press release. One that went into detail on the relevance and importance if these books, at this time. Six different publications picked up the press release, including educational, parenting, and local outlets. 

The fact of the matter is, as long as your story is emotive or relevant to the climate, it can go a long way. This kind of circulation can be vital in establishing your brand amongst new markets.

What Puts Us a Step Ahead

When it comes to PR, we’re a well-established and respected name within the industry. We have spent years building strong connections with the relevant people. From our 12 years of experience, we have created relationships whereby journalists now come to us if they need a particular bit of information. As much as you need knowledge and skill for a PR campaign to be successful, it is still a lot about who you know. Without these relationships, you’re likely to find it hard to build any traction.

As we touched on earlier, we’re also a full-service agency. This means that not only can we help in other areas of PR but also, other segments of marketing too! Whether you’re after social media management, SEO or even graphic design, we can offer the full package.

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The bottom line is, as an experienced PR agency, we believe press releases are still highly relevant. When executed well, they can certainly go a long way in benefiting your brand. All in all, press releases are definitely not to be overlooked.

At VerriBerri, we love hearing from brands who are passionate about their success and are looking for new ways to effectively promote this to the world! If you’re looking for help with your communications strategy, why not get in touch? To contact the team, just click here!