UK Public Relations: Making the Most Out of Your PR

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UK Public Relations: Making the Most Out of Your PR

Based in Essex, VerriBerri is a marketing agency specialising in UK public relations. 

We work alongside businesses in every sector to help them gain valuable exposure. We have been operating in the PR industry for well over a decade now. During this time, we have been awarded many accolades. We hope this goes part-way in proving testament to our skill, determination and credibility.

What is PR?

Public relations (PR) is something that many businesses benefit from on a daily basis. Despite this, people still often overlook this method of promotion for their goods or service. The bottom line is, you’re severely missing out if PR doesn’t have a place within your marketing strategy.

Essentially, PR aims to put your brand on the map. In other words, your public relations team will select sources with an audience that is a close match to yours. From here, they will help you to create a newsworthy story and begin pitching this idea to the relevant people. When executed correctly, your brand should be displayed in front of an interested audience. Hence, sales should increase. What more could you really ask for?

The sources used for UK public relations include:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Influencers (Influencer Marketing)

The Benefits of Using Public Relations

As we are sure is quite obvious, the biggest benefit of public relations is visibility. When utilising the relevant sources, this of course attracts your target market. As we touched on previously, this will eventually lead to higher revenue. Visibility and memorability is especially important now due to how much variety we have as consumers. With the internet came a huge influx of options when it comes to buying products or services. If you are going to compete, people need to know who you are. Moreover, they need to be able to distinguish you from your fellow competitors. 

Essentially, no trusted media outlet is going to risk their reputation for a questionable brand. Therefore, if you make it into their articles, this can go a long way in building your credibility. Most sources have an already established audience who trust their opinions. This means they have an influence over their consumers. When a newspaper, for example, is promoting your brand, their trustworthiness rubs off on you. All in all, PR can assist you in building your brand image. This will help solidify your reputation, ensuring the longevity of your business.

Finally, one benefit of digital PR that many people overlook is its impact on your SEO value. In case you are unfamiliar, SEO is a way for a business to improve the ranking of their website on Google. In other words, bring more traffic to their site. When your business is mentioned in online articles, this is going to generate back links. These are extremely valuable to your company and will boost your favourability. The better quality these sources are, the bigger the impact it will have.

Why Authenticity Is Important

When it comes to UK public relations, realistically, you have two routes you can go down. These are known as thought-leadership and news-hijacking. 

In laymen’s terms, news-hijacking refers to when a company comments on a relevant and current news story. In other words, they use this narrative for their own gain. Meanwhile, thought-leadership is where a business comes up with their own completely unique ideas that only they can really report on.

Within the PR world, thought-leadership is usually the preferred method. This is simply because it offers a far more long-term solution. Moreover, it helps you to build your character. Whilst news-hijacking isn’t a complete no, it definitely isn’t something you should maintain for any length of time. 

Just like all marketing methods, authenticity is the way to be remembered by the public. Providing you can produce a newsworthy and emotive narrative, your PR efforts should return a hefty ROI. Comparatively, news-hijacking may produce short-term attention for your brand but this will quickly fade. Afterall, anyone can respond to a news story.

Why VerriBerri Is the Best Agency for You

As experts in the PR landscape, we know that it can often be hard to navigate. Unfortunately, most of the power is placed in the hands of journalists. This means that if they choose not to publish a story, they are well within their rights to do so. Of course, as a business trying to gain traction, this isn’t so good. It is for this reason that we decided to introduce our PR guarantee. If a lead is ever lost, we always promise to replace it. With this in place, we can assure better piece of mind for our clients and a better overall service. What’s more, we’re the only agency in the UK to offer such security. 

At VerriBerri, our team are go-getters. We never leave a job half done meaning we can operate a full turn-key service for you, if this is what you require. Moreover, we’re experts when it comes to crisis management. This means helping you spot potential fragilities in your upcoming campaigns and stopping your brand from spiralling into a sticky situation. Think of us as an insurance policy for your reputation.

Specialising in UK public relations for so long has meant VerriBerri has become a trusted name within the journalism industry. This means we often attract reporters looking for our help with their story. This has meant securing some amazing opportunities for our clients, ones they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. We cannot stress enough that PR is near impossible without having already established relationships within the sector. Without these, it is often more time and cost-efficient to outsource the work to professionals like ourselves.

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