UK SEO agency: The three fundamentals of SEO

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UK SEO agency: The three fundamentals of SEO

VerriBerri are a UK SEO agency that specialise in maximising the potential of your website. Businesses often forget about SEO even though it’s vital. Our specialist team can enhance your SEO value and increase your ranking on the search engine results page. 

Alongside our SEO services, the VerriBerri team also offer: 

  1. Public Relations. (PR) 
  2. Social media management. (SMM) 
  3. Event management. 
  4. Business development. 
  5. Crisis management. 
  6. Graphic design – branding/rebranding and web development.

What is SEO? 

If you have not heard of SEO before, it stands for search engine optimisation. It is the name given to the process of optimising a website in order for it to be more favourable to the Google algorithm. This will allow you to rank higher on the SERP, increasing the organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is ideal when looking to generate a customer base and will allow Google to see you as a trustworthy source. The traffic to your website will directly affect your ranking. 

As a UK SEO agency, we understand how important it is to have your website featuring high in the Google rankings alongside your competition. It builds your brands reputability and allows potential customers to identify you with ease. Whatever your business, it is likely you will have competitors with previously established customer bases, so it is vital you use the right SEO techniques. 

The Top Three SEO elements 

When we talk about SEO, there are three essential parts that you must consider before you dive into other categories. VerriBerri know the correct things to focus on in order to ensure your website is thoroughly optimised. 

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Backlinks are links from one page to another. Take it from our UK SEO agency, they are vital to the ranking of your website. These links indicate to the algorithm that your site contains trustworthy and reputable information, therefore making it useful to a Google user. Backlinks are important; however, they can’t just be placed carelessly – the quantity and the quality of them effects the rankings of your website. They work like recommendations and academic citations. If you have other sites that are of quality referencing your content, Google will identify your website as useful. 

Other factors that will be taken into account by the algorithm include the type of link and the placement. Links to your website must be relevant to the content. If your business is about bikes, for example, having a cycling site link to you will be more valuable than being referenced by a website about knitting. If the topics don’t match up, the algorithm quickly becomes confused about what your site contains, in turn, effecting your Google ranking. 

Anchor text is clickable writing that contains a hyperlink. They are often highlighted a different colour or underlined within the text. SEO-friendly anchor text must be relevant to the linked page, not generic and must not be too keyword-heavy. Having too many internal anchor text links can be detrimental to your ranking in the SERP as Google may see this as spam. 


This is arguably the most important part of SEO. It’s usually the one people know the most about. Content refers to the written text on your website – your web pages and blogs. These are usually what draws a Google user to your site. The content you provide must be high quality and it should include certain aspects for the algorithm to deem it useful to the user’s query. 

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Before you can start to write engaging SEO optimised content, you have to identify keywords. As a UK SEO agency, VerriBerri have extensive knowledge on the key phrases you should use. As well as keywords, you can also have key phrases and sometimes questions. These questions will be ones that are usually searched by someone on Google. One thing to avoid when adding keywords to your content is keyword stuffing. This is the overuse of words that makes the text hard to read. Not only is this frowned upon by the algorithm, but it also makes it harder for a user to read and they may click away from your page. Search intent should be carefully considered. 

Anything you write must be relevant to your business and also be engaging enough for a user to not leave your site once they have clicked through. It must also be updated regularly for the algorithm to continue to rank you. This helps build your trustworthiness and allow Google to recognise you as a reputable source. 

Technical elements 

Our UK SEO agency knows that the technical side of website optimisation can seem overwhelming and difficult. It takes a lot of time to master which is why we use a specialist SEO team with over 12 years of experience in SEO strategies. People often forget about the more technical elements of SEO, and they can often get left out. This are actually crucial to enhancing your site, user engagement, and meeting the criteria of the algorithm. 

Meta titles and descriptions are usually the first thing someone will see when your website appears on the SERP. A meta description should contain a small excerpt from the content. Both the title and the description should include a keyword. These two technical aspects are fundamental to SEO development, and without them, you may not grab a user’s attention and they will click on another website. 

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If you are looking to increase the SEO value of your website but you aren’t sure where to start, our UK SEO agency can help. Our dedicated team have the necessary experience to improve your website and rise your position in the SERP rankings. Do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today to start discussing your strategy. We would love to hear from you!