Unique Marketing Services: What Makes Us Stand Out

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Unique Marketing Services: What Makes Us Stand Out

Unique marketing services are hard to come by. It is no secret that the industry is flooded with firms all offering what looks like the same thing. In fact, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect fit for you. Regardless of the difficulty, finding an agency who understands your needs is vital. When taking any risk, you want to be confident that ROI will be high. What’s more, you need a team who truly understands your brand ethos and how to reach the right people. Seems impossible, right? Fear not, you are in safe hands with us!

At VerriBerri we pride ourselves on the fact we are different. We offer unique marketing services for all of our clientele, regardless of the sector they operate in. We have impeccable knowledge of the marketing landscape and years of insight into consumer behaviour. No matter where you are based in the UK, we have the skills to get your campaigns off the ground. We encourage our clients to see our help as an investment, not just another cost. Afterall, you are not just an income to us, you are our partners. 

What Makes Us Different

Of course, before trusting our claims, you at least need some evidence into how we differ from others. We understand this is a bold statement however, our delivery is something we have always been confident in. Read on to hear about some of our many impressive strengths.

Bespoke Packages

Starting with the most obvious way we are unique, our packages. 

When approached by any potential new client, the first thing we do is get to work on a proposal. We keep this service strictly free so as to allow you to compare our services with others, some of which we know charge for a strategy proposal. We’re that confident! We want the brands we work with to be happy with what we offer. Afterall, your happiness is our main priority.

In addition to complimentary proposals, we also ensure all of our packages are completely bespoke. Having helped hundreds of brands excel, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Therefore, you will each have individual needs and expectations for your strategy. With so many different factors coming into play, it would seem silly to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we take our time to get to know the companies we work alongside. By keeping things strictly tailormade, this allows our results to be even better whilst keeping in line with your budget.

Close-Knit Team 


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In order to supply unique marketing services, you first need a unique team. We recognise that a happy working environment is crucial in terms of development. Therefore, we have worked hard to build the close-knit team we have today.

We can truly say that each of our colleagues at VerriBerri are our friends. By celebrating our successes and supporting each other when needed, we have constructed a strong bond. With a team like ours, camaraderie is never an issue. Likewise, neither is ideation. In fact, we are sure that our close relationships help breed creativity and ensure our clients receive the very best. 


We’re all for flexible working however, freelancing just isn’t our style. More often than not, we handle large scale projects. We know that when you run a business, keeping contacts to a minimum is desirable. By offering a complete turn-key service, we can promise streamlined communication at all times through one key point of contact who will be your account manager.

Communication is and always has been key, especially when it comes to business. Another way we keep connected with our clients is through our monthly reports. These go into plenty of detail regarding how our time is spent on your account, and the achievements we have made. Our reports also outline areas we particularly want to take a more direct focus on. 

Award Winning

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They say that with high risk comes high reward. As true as this is, before taking said risk, you need to be sure of what you will get in return. If a company is unwilling to provide testimonials, this is definitely a red flag. At VerriBerri, we encourage all of our new business to check out our amazing Google reviews. What’s more, many of our achievements can be found right here on our website!

During our decade of work, we have never been shy in boasting about our abundance of accolades. From our team securing ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency’ through to our MD winning ‘Businessperson of the Year’, we hope that our many awards prove testament to our credibility. 

PR Promise

Public relations are just one of our many specialities. Therefore, we’re well aware that media relations can sometimes be hit or miss. Unfortunately, journalists are well known for being unreliable; making the PR terrain difficult to navigate. The truth is, no matter how good your pitching is, the media has a tendency to change their mind. Whether they want to change the angle of an article or scrap it completely, this isn’t very helpful for you as a business. 

Many clients come to us having had bad experiences with other marketing firms. This has caused a lot of hesitancy when it comes to PR and understandably so. In order to combat this issue and put your mind at ease, we introduced our guarantee. Further, we won’t set any unrealistic and unattainable targets. This just allows us to eliminate any nasty surprises.

Every company needs a USP and our PR promise is ours! What’s more, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides what we have mentioned today, there are far more ways we offer unique marketing services. For more information, our team would be happy to assist.

Learn More About Our Unique Marketing Services

As much as taking risks may be daunting, development is needed to ensure the longevity of your company. With so much competition out there, you need to be on your toes when it comes to marketing. 

Now, I’m guessing that if you have come this far, marketing isn’t your forte. Rather than wasting hours working on this yourself, why not invest in a professional team? We love hearing from brands that are just as passionate about success as we are. If you think we’re the perfect fit for you, feel free to give us a call. You can do so on 01376 386 850. Alternatively, click here