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Vegan PR agency

Vegan PR agency

As you have probably seen on many media platforms in recent years, people have perceived vegans to be very vocal in their beliefs of ‘going green’. 

Were you aware that switching to a vegan lifestyle can significantly reduce your ecological footprint? You may think going vegan may set you back with your favourite non-vegan products. But there are so many amazing alternatives out there to explore and ‘going green’ has never been so easy. The PR team here at VerriBerri are here to tell you why. 

In order to be inclusive for all consumers, it is a wise decision to execute vegan codes and principles into your business. If you feel as though you may need an extra helping hand with this, our PR team at VerriBerri are here to help you present these concepts. 

A plant-based lifestyle

You may wonder why people turn vegan in the first place. It may have been that millions adopted the plant-based lifestyle at first to join the trend, but people have slowly yet surely been educated as to why the vegan way of life is not only beneficial for you, but for the environment that surrounds you. The importance is now echoing around the world.

Hopping on the vegan bandwagon is a thing of the past, people are swaying more to the lifestyle due to its astonishing benefits. This is why over 1 million Brits have ditched the meat diet. Not only that; numbers are set to double by the end of 2020.  

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According to Single Platform, food allergies have been on the rise, with 90% of the allergies coming from animal produce such as milk, eggs and fish. Not only this, but being lactose intolerant has huge influence on your food choices and dietary needs. This means that millions of people are on the hunt for a well trusted brand that create high quality plant-based products to suit their requirements. Assuming that you will need a reliable PR team behind your business to successfully target your ideal audience. 

It’s not just food…

Veganism isn’t just about your diet! It has shifted to many other industries such as fashion and beauty. This illustrates the high influence that veganism is having on other industries. Upcoming fashion brand Tala is all about being environmentally friendly and aware. They want to make all products 100% up-cycled, and they are already 92% of the way there. Their packaging is recycled AND recyclable, with their clothing tags being made from 100% plantable paper. By carrying out these practices, as a business you will gain a positive brand image. 

Did you know that the vegan beauty industry is expected to reach $20.8 billion dollars by 2025? You heard that right. Not only are people worried about what they’re putting into their bodies, but they are starting to worry what they are putting on their body. A lot of beauty products can contain ingredients such as crushed up insects and wax from animals such as sheep. You don’t have to think twice for that to make you cringe. There has been a huge shift in attitudes within the beauty industry as they have been creating more vegan cosmetic products. This makes it immediately clear how ethically-conscious they are when it comes to considering their consumers. 

High influence

Veganism may have started out as a trend, but it has had a huge influence on the restaurant industry. The development of vegan restaurants is on the rise and are generating huge amounts of profit. 

It is now becoming more and more vital for high-end establishments to produce high quality vegan products, this is to reiterate that so many people are switching to vegan diets and will therefore be in high demand for vegan food options. This shows that veganism is only going to become bigger and better. Meaning that as a business, you are going to need a team of PR specialists to get your brand out there. We have amazing contacts to network with in order to share your vegan business, guaranteeing you the outcome you wanted.  

Why a vegan PR agency?

Veganism is a great industry to bring people together! By educating people on why you think it is important is a great way of bringing communities together. This therefore builds great brand recognition as you are enlightening people about your passion!

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So why do we think a PR agency would work for you? Regardless of what your vegan product is, this could be a vegan beauty product or a type of vegan packaging. Our team of specialists at VerriBerri PR agency, can help you promote your product no matter how big or small. We like to go the extra mile in ensuring that you are happy with what we bring to you.

If you are seeking PR for a vegan food brand, then we have had high experience within the food PR industry. With our specialist knowledge of the food consumer market as well as the ethics that need to be considered with it, we can guide your vegan brand on the right path which will maximise your overall brands quality. 

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