Vegan PR agency

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Vegan PR agency

Having a vegan PR agency behind your brand is now more important than ever. Whether you are a brand with veganism at its very heart, or a company moving towards a more sustainable way of working, we can help. Here at VerriBerri, we have been working with vegan brands for over 12 years. At verriBerri, we serve a large variety of clients. These are not only based within the UK, but also span Europe, the US and Asia too!

The Rise in Veganism 

Veganism has risen in popularity very quickly in recent years. At the start of 2021, a record breaking 500,000 people signed up for the Veganuary challenge. This sees people spend the whole month of January following a vegan diet or making vegan lifestyle choices. 2021’s sign up number was double the amount it was in 2020 which just shows how fast it is increasing. This growth has been aided by the number of vegan brands releasing products. As a result, making it more affordable for people to adopt the lifestyle. It is very common now to see vegan friendly products on shop shelves and within menus at restaurants. 

The general public are looking for more ways than ever to be sustainable and are adapting their lifestyles to be more conscious of animals and the environment. This means it is the perfect time for vegan brands to establish themselves and get their products out there in the correct way.

What A Vegan PR Agency Can Do for Your Vegan Brand

Including vegan influencers and the online world within your PR strategy is vital if you want to ensure your brand is seen by the right people. Our vegan PR agency have an established range of influencer contacts that can aid marketing market your brand and product to an already established audience who are interested in following the vegan lifestyle. 

Vegan influencers 

There are three main types of vegan influencers online that correspond to the three main types of vegans. Each type is defined by what drives their veganism. Usually, their followers will be following a vegan lifestyle for the same reasons and their values will line up with that of the influencer.

Fitness and lifestyle vegans strive to incorporate veganism for weight loss, self-optimisation and to improve their health. The main goal for their lifestyle is health benefits that accompany being vegan. This means they may only be vegan within their diet. If you are a vegan clothing brand, this would not be a good fit, however, a vegan food or fitness food brand would be perfect.


Ethical vegans are those who follow the lifestyle in its entirety. It is what some people class as ‘true veganism’. They choose to be vegans for the altruism, animal welfare, and sustainability. This includes their diet but also all elements of their life, including clothes and beauty products. Ethical vegans will seek these products companies that ethically source their products, not harming animals in the process. If you own a brand that sells vegan clothing or beauty products, using ethical vegans to promote your products would be the best option. Their values will align with yours and it is likely that their followers are also ethical vegans. 

The last type are holistic wellbeing vegans. These influencers are driven by self-love, wellness, and mindfulness. Holistic wellbeing vegans believe being vegan can completely change your outlook on life. This type of influencer is great for brands with beauty products.

Vegan Reputation 

It is no secret that vegans have a reputation for forcing beliefs onto others. People will often turn their nose up at the mention of the word ‘vegan’ and will refuse to listen to any benefits about the lifestyle. This is due to a select few pushy people. Here at VerriBerri, we know that not everyone who is vegan is like this. Veganism and its activists have long been scorned by the world for their beliefs when they are just being understandably passionate. Together with your brand, we can help fight the stigma against veganism and ensure your brand is seen to be encouraging healthy and ethical vegan practices. 

Incorporating veganism into your brand

If you are not a vegan based brand but are looking to consciously reduce the impact your company has on animals, we can ensure your transition to a vegan friendly brand is a smooth one. The reasons you are incorporating vegan values into your brand must be for more than superficial reasons; you can’t just do it to look good to the public as people will see through this. In the past, too many brands have thought they can jump on a trend, but this won’t work. Veganism is no longer a trend, and it cannot be used as a publicity stunt.  It must be implemented into your brand as a way to make your company more sustainable. 

vegan PR agency

You should be fully committed to this as if you aren’t, it will be easier to slip up and make mistakes. This will not be good for your brand image. To avoid this, you should be fully committed from the start, however, if you do find yourself in a crisis, our vegan PR agency can put in place a crisis management strategy for you just in case. 

The local community 

As a vegan brand, you should look for any opportunity to engage your local community. VerriBerri’s PR team can help you with incentives and campaigns. This could include things like monthly challenges that promote vegan practices and will bring people together. Connecting people will also make them feel more connected to your brand. As veganism grows in popularity, spreading the word on how we can make the world more sustainable and getting more people on board is always a positive for you brand! 

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