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Vegan Social Media

Vegan Social Media: Projecting A Healthier Lifestyle

Veganism has skyrocketed over the last few years; with people identifying the diet as being better for your health than a carnivorous one. This has been championed by professional athletes all over the world who are switching to plant based diets. Sports disciplines globally are being occupied and dominated by vegans; including Lewis Hamilton, Venus Williams, Colin Kaepernick, and even Olympic Weightlifters. 

Social Media has become an incredible tool for people to share their thoughts and views. It’s used to inspire others and express the benefits of being vegan. For example, by eating a plant-based burger as opposed to meat, you are not consuming products with high cholesterol; preventing possible heart issues. Utilising vegan Social Media channels to create a community for your audience to discuss issues such as this can greatly improve your company reputation and brand recognition.

The Influence Of The Vegan Industry

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Online celebrities and personalities can influence people’s views and opinions. If, for example, you follow a model on Instagram who lives a healthy life; you may be inclined to pick up tips or buy products she is promoting.

Celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Ariana Grande, and comedian Russell Brand tout the ways of veganism due to both health and ethical benefits. For many, this is the main draw towards becoming a vegan. You benefit from similar health benefits to a vegetarian diet without using products such as milk and eggs that may have been sourced unethically.

Due to the many advantages, a strong vegan social media presence will promote your brand as an ethically responsible company. Your target audience will want to support and follow you; sharing your message which attracts larger audiences.

Why do you need a Vegan Social Media presence?

The vegan online community is very proactive. As a unit they are always looking to share both opinions and information. In doing this they will, either inadvertently or directly, promote companies that are supporting their beliefs.

If you manage your social channels effectively; you will have a dedicated audience who are interested in your products or services by the very virtue of them being vegan. Whether this is clothing, food, or even vegan vehicle seats; there will be a captured audience looking to support your business. They will welcome a wider variety of options in a limited market. As this audience is unfortunately limited in the options they are able to pursue, it would be unwise to not employ a vegan social media strategy.

Why should you use vegan products?

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As above, research has shown that not only is a vegan lifestyle possibly healthier than a traditional meat-based diet; it can also be better for the environment as it reduces the amount of land needed for animal grazing to raise the proper livestock for food. Instead, this land can be used for farming of the plants needed to produce plant-based alternatives in place of livestock. Furthermore, it eliminates unethical methods, overcrowding of living animals, and a whole host of other moral implications.

Being vegan isn’t all about the food that you eat. It stretches to other industries too. Most prominently is fashion. Leather goods like handbags and jackets are an excellent example. It’s important for customers to remember there are other options available. With the rise of vegan friendly alternatives, you can maintain the style you want without compromising on animal welfare.

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