Video Marketing Services: How to Get Your Marketing Back on Track

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Video Marketing Services: How to Get Your Marketing Back on Track

Arguably, video marketing services are the most valuable investment a company can make. At least it definitely is when it comes to promoting your good or service. Ironically, long manuscripts just don’t hold our attention the same way they used to. Hence why we always aim to use formatting and images throughout our blog posts. Although definitely still necessarily, businesses should try avoiding too much text where possible. By utilising more multimedia, you’re naturally going to incur far more interest. 

At VerriBerri, we have built a team of elite specialists when it comes to video marketing services. We recognise this growing trend in consumer behaviour and aim to help our clients through our skills. We are responsible for creating concepts and developing videography that help flaunt our customer’s best assets. From our help, businesses benefit from far more growth and also longevity in their brand.

What Is Video Marketing?

Although tricky to put together, the concept of video marketing is quite a simple one. This term refers to any marketing campaign that is done in video format. For instance, tutorials, on-screen question and answers and also, ‘Meet the Team’ videos. Overall, they all have the same benefit. Brand awareness. 

The Many Benefits of Video Marketing Services

As we touched on before, people just don’t have the patience for reading long pieces of text anymore. Staring at a Wikipedia page these days can be extremely daunting. Further, if we aren’t properly engaged, then we’re not taking anything in. As life becomes busier, videos offer a far easier way to get information. In this format, you are able to get across your point whilst still ensuring what you are saying is palatable. In other words, videos are just much more immersive and engaging.

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Nobody likes to see the same old content. Even photos become boring after a while and soon your engagement will suffer. Instead, by utilising video marketing, this will help to diversify your feed. What’s more, video content is also far more eye-catching. Ask yourself, when scrolling through your social media, what kind of content is it that draws you in? Videos, right? This kind of visual communication is incredibly successful in getting people to stop and listen. 

Although not a new development, video content definitely plays an important part when it comes down to SEO. Factually, the top three results on the search engine are the ones who generate the most organic traffic. This is simply down to how good Google are at making relevant information easy for their consumers to find. This means that without SEO, your chances dwindle when it comes to new people discovering your brand. By featuring videos on your site, this will make you far more favourable to Google. 

Finally, video communication has the power to humanise your brand and make you more relatable. As we mentioned earlier, one route you could go down is in creating ‘Meet the Team’ clips. Either way, simply hearing a voice behind the business can solidify a connection. If your audience feels much closer to your brand, this will go a long way in generating customer loyalty.

Important Stats You Need to Know

Of course, don’t just take our word for it. To back up our point, the team picked out some important stats we think every business owner needs to know. Hopefully, these will help you see just how crucial video marketing services really are.

As we mentioned earlier, communication via video format helps make information more digestible. In fact, it’s reported that viewers are able to retain 95% of a message when delivered in this way. Comparatively, only 10% of a message is remembered when reading text.

Statisticians also report that video can help boost a company’s overall sales. This came after 84% of people claim they were persuaded to make a purchase off the back of watching a video. With 55% of people watching this content daily, just imagine the opportunities.

To further our point, the amount of businesses using videography as a marketing tool has increased by 63% since last year. If it’s working for them, there’s no reason it won’t benefit you too.

Why You Need an Agencies Help

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Filming a video is no rocket science and we’re well aware of that. However, there are lots of aspects of this process that people forget to consider. Namely, just how time-consuming it can be. Not only do you need to come up with concepts, but you then need to spend time getting your setup perfect. Moreover, you also need to then edit it together. All in all, it is often far more time-efficient to get the professionals involved.

If all of us were creative beings, the world would be a very ‘samey’ place. Authentic ideas are hard to come by and it is easy to feel like everything has been done before. At VerriBerri, we have spent years building an inspiring and close team which we believe to be our biggest strength. By solidifying the relationships that we have, we’re never shy of bouncing ideas of one another. In doing so, we ensure we never fall short on fresh concepts.

For videos to make a difference in your ranking, they need to be done properly. In other words, it needs to be formatted correctly and optimised for SEO. Search engine optimisation is never an area we recommend doing yourselves either. If you’re not already working on this, we urge you to do so. As well as being a video marketing agency, we’re also well versed in SEO practise too!

Contact Our Team About Video Marketing Services

If you’re still reading, we’re guessing that videography may not be your forte. Well, lucky for you, it is ours. If you’d like to hear more about our video marketing services, why not get in touch? We look after over 50 different businesses, all of which are benefiting from amazing results. To contact our team, simply click here or call the office on 01376 386 850.