Videography Marketing Agency in Essex: Why Your Strategy May Be Failing

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Videography Marketing Agency in Essex: Why Your Strategy May Be Failing

At VerriBerri, we are a multi-award-winning videography marketing agency in Essex. We are known as one of the largest marketing firms in the South East and our team is constantly growing. Day to day, we deliver bespoke marketing strategies to our clients that help their visions become a reality. Customer service is a heavy focal point for us, as is going above and beyond on each occasion.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is often used as an integrated component of a business’s overall strategy. It involves any element of your campaign that is delivered in video format. Some of the most popular videography ideas include ‘meet the team’ videos and tutorials. 

Why Video Marketing is So Vital

At our videography marketing agency in Essex, video has become an increasing popular service among our clients. In fact, it’s reported that 81% of businesses use video marketing as a tool. If this isn’t something you’re reaping the benefits of, you ought to be.  

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Reputation is everything when it comes to business. Without building a strong bond with your consumers, your company’s survival hangs in the balance. When it comes to video marketing, this method can really help to promote feelings of trust and connection. Moreover, it can aid your company in being more personable and helpful. Each of these attributes can go a long way in boosting your reputation. Something you would be lost without.

Reading long pieces of text is time-consuming. Although we may have more time on our hands right now, once the world is in a post-pandemic state, our lives will quickly return to normal. (Hopefully, anyway.) Society is much faster paced than it once was. What’s more, it seems that we just keep getting busier as time goes on. Utilising video in your marketing strategy assists you in delivering information in a more palatable way. Furthermore, this is much more convenient for your customers as it is usually much quicker to consume. 

As a videography marketing agency in Essex, we have seen many clients benefit from the ROI that video generates. In fact, embedding a video within your website is said to boost rates of conversion by up to 80%. Not only does it help sell your product or service, but it can also help support your other marketing methods. For instance, video can be used to boost your sites SEO value.  

When used within your social media, video can really help you to break up your content. Diversifying your feed will assist in boosting your engagement and keeping people interested. Moreover, video is often much more eye-catching and can captivate your audience.

How You Can Get More Out of Your Video Marketing

Our videography marketing agency in Essex are constantly seeing businesses missing tricks with their content. So that you can get more out of your video marketing, here are some tips our team put together:

1.    Use Subtitles

85% of people watch videos on Facebook with the sound off. We’re all guilty of scrolling through our social media whilst we’re watching TV. Similarly, more often than not, people are using their phones when commuting. So as though to not bother everyone on a train with what you’re listening too, instead, people watch without volume. In addition, utilising subtitles on your videos makes your content more disability friendly. We know subtitling takes time however, it’s most definitely worth it. 

2.    Include CTA’s

CTA stands for ‘call to action.’ This is when people include terms such as ‘like’, ‘follow’ or ‘get in touch.’  These act as a prompt and can be really successful. Making use of these within your video content will encourage people to interact.

3.    Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one component that often gets forgotten about despite the average ROI being as high as 4400%. For those of you who you who are implementing email into your strategy, video could just take things a step further. Its proven that including videography within an email marketing campaign can improve your CTR by 96%. This anagram gives reference to the percentage of people who click through to your website from your marketing material. 

4.    Entice

When creating video content, one the many pitfalls is not making the first few seconds enticing enough. Why not show a quick preview of the video first before jumping into the main body? This is an easy thing to do but a trick that many people miss. This will aid in captivating your audience and encouraging them to keep watching. 

What You’ll Love About Us

All in all, video marketing is a relatively simple concept to understand. However, implementing it in your strategy is often easier said than done. One of the biggest issues people run into is simply how time-intensive the process can be. Coming up with ideas and then knowing how to execute them can be tricky. Not to mention having to spend time creating the content itself. If your video marketing has become too time consuming, our videography marketing agency in Essex would be happy to lend a hand. 

Our content team are second to none and are always bursting with creative ideas. Our workforce as a whole is extremely dedicated and close-knit too. As a business in the creative industry, brainstorming is an invaluable tool. We’re constantly bouncing ideas of one another so we can ensure all of the work we create is authentic, interesting and engaging. 

When it comes to marketing, people are often deterred by the costly London price-tag. But what if there were a more inexpensive option available? As we trust is blaringly obvious throughout this blog (thanks SEO), our agency is based in Essex. With lower costs, we are able to provide a service that is more affordable for our valued clients, all without a dip in quality. It’s a no brainer!

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The bottom line is, video is only getting more and more popular. If you’re not implementing this in your strategy, you’re definitely missing a trick. For more information on our videography services, why not get in touch? Click here to reach the team.