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Create A Memorable Wedding Brand With Our Wedding Marketing Agency

The wedding business is big business. There are so many different types of wedding brands out there, the bridal industry is a vast family out there on its own, separate from the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors.

This, in spite of the fact, that most wedding brand services would, in any other circumstances, fall under those brackets. Wedding cakes, dresses and venues fill the magazines, whilst glamorous destination weddings linger in every one of our minds, whether we like to admit it or not.

The point is, that the term ‘wedding’ covers an immense plethora of different brands. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading wedding marketing agency, wanted to look at the various forms of wedding marketing available to a brand. Each has its own distinct advantages and appeals, and used in conjunction? Well, you’d be onto a winner there…

The Benefits Of Wedding PR

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One of the predominant ways in which you can market yourself in the wedding world is through PR.

PR, for those that don’t know, mainly centres around securing a brand exposure in a publication, usually a magazine, newspaper or website. The reason wedding PR is so beneficial is because there are still major industry publications which hold serious influencing power. Magazines such as Bride, for example. If you can get your brand featured in such a publication, you get yourself noticed.

Our wedding marketing agency features an in-house PR team who can work on your brand’s behalf to gain that coverage. They do this by learning your brand inside-out, and formulating ‘pitch’ angles to send out to journalists. Their copy has to be engaging, but succinct, which is not easy.

Without a PR team’s skill and contacts, you could expect to perhaps land exposure in local newspapers, but you may struggle beyond that. With a PR team, national publications aren’t just desired, they’re to be expected

Inspiring With Social Media

There are two social media platforms, in particular, that lend themselves to wedding brand marketing. Both of which revolve around the concept of inspo. Two platforms in which people will happily spend an afternoon or evening scrolling through, saving ideas and creating a general picture for the sort of wedding they themselves would like to have. We are, of course, talking about Pinterest and Instagram.

Pinterest offers you the opportunity to create inspiration ‘boards’. In a wedding context, then, people will literally build their wedding and the brands they’d like to use, into a kind of blueprint on the platform. Consistently posting content on Pinterest builds your brand’s chances of appearing on those boards, and subsequently being the brand which that user wants to use for their big day. Instagram affords you the opportunity to show off your brand’s creativity and quality.

A well-themed, consistent grid which features original photography, videography and graphic design content shouts out quality. The importance of this cannot be overstated, because nowadays people take that quality as standard. If they’ve looked at your website, they’re more than likely to then look at your social channels. That’s just what today’s user-behaviour is, and if your social quality doesn’t match that of your website, then you’ve got a problem.

To Be Booked, You Need To Be Seen

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Have you ever heard of SEO? If not, then here’s a quick lesson because it’s vital in today’s digital world. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the technique used to better your website’s rankings. Basically, the higher you want to appear on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), the better your website’s SEO value needs to be.

One of the best ways you can go about this is through regular blog-writing. The benefit of consistent blogging is primarily two-fold. Firstly, you get to show off brand expertise and industry knowledge. By doing this, you can position yourself as one of the more reputable wedding brands out there.

Secondly, it will help boost your website up Google’s rankings. In other words, it’s beneficial from an SEO perspective. It does this in an entirely more sustainable way than pay-per-click advertising, for example. The accepted method is that you work in your desired keywords (those you want to rank highly for) into the copy you’re writing. The art-form comes in finding the balance; on one hand placing the keywords in enough so it has the desired effect. On the other hand, not cramming them in because this reads poorly and has the reverse effect on SEO value. Many people thing ‘blogging’ is a thing of the past. Let us tell you, however, that it categorically isn’t.

Get Emotive

As we touched upon in the introduction, the wedding market is like no other. The same can be said for the tone of voice required in its marketing. Given that weddings are immensely emotional days, this sense of joy and happiness also needs to be conveyed in your marketing. This means the using emotive language very much to your advantage, conjuring up imagery of the big day, with smiles all around. In most industries, you can no longer get away with tugging on heartstrings, but the bridal sector is one in which you most definitely still can.

Of course, anything can be overdone, and if you come across as too sappy, you’ll also come across as disingenuous. Our wedding marketing agency is well-versed in finding the balance between trust and scepticism when it comes to descriptive language. Our content creators take great pride in it, in fact!

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People are always going to fall in love, and people are always going to want their big, special day. So long as that’s the case, the wedding industry will keep booming. Learning to effectively capitalise on that is more easily done with the help of an agency. So, if you’d like to find out more about our wedding marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d be delighted to sit down with you and have a chat over the direction of your brand.