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Wedding PR Agency

We all know how important marketing can be for the wedding industry, and PR is the exact same. The industry is worth billions of pounds, whether that’s finding the right dress, or arranging catering for your perfect day. That’s why those of you in the industry need to know the importance of PR and what it can bring to your business. 

We are a wedding PR agency, who have worked in this field for over eleven years. That’s why we thought we’d compile a list of benefits that hiring a wedding PR agency can bring you!

It’s crucial to follow trends when you work in this market! A wedding PR agency will allow your business to keep up-to-date with new developments and patterns which competitors will also be looking out for. You might think you can do this yourself, which you can. But it’s more complex than this. You need to allocate a certain amount of time to look at trends such as who the new dress designers are; what aesthetic is most popular for receptions, and what style of dress is in most demand. Through doing this, you can advertise in a way that ensure your potential clients can see that you’re passionate about your business.

A wedding PR agency can control this and more! They can elaborate on these trends and speak to journalists about them. It might be that a journalist is writing a piece on the most popular honeymoon destinations of 2020; and include your wedding venue in the piece whereby you give your recommendations. Perhaps you can talk about which places have been most popular from your own experience. This type of publicity is what will drive people to your website, and ultimately lead to recommendations or suggestions when discussing different wedding locations. 


Since we’re on the topic of journalists; it’s also worth noting how a wedding PR agency can help you get into the press; or popular wedding magazines such as Bride Magazine and Country Wedding. All companies have websites (or should) nowadays, which is why PR agencies contacting these outlets is so important. The magazine can advertise the grounds to your wedding venue on their website, or feature pictures of a recent ceremony you held on a piece of writing they’re undertaking. 

If you’ve really managed to get your business out there; influencers, or even celebrities, might consider your venue for the big day. If this is the case, and your venue is chosen, a PR agency can ensure that your venue holds a substantial focus. Getting your foot in the door this way will essentially lead your business to be publicised all over social media and newspapers (depending on how much of a celebrity they are, of course).


This can be fundamental to all wedding businesses out there. A wedding PR agency allows you to get your company out there! You’ve all seen that Gavin and Stacey episode where they go to a wedding fair, and Bryn is fascinated by the magician. Well, it’s these types of events which will attract a wider range of clients. Offer your service; it will impress those who walk through the door and see your venue on display. PR agencies can help to choose exactly what you should be displaying (through market research and trends) and invite journalists and bloggers to the events. If your company manages to impress them, they might write about your venue in an article or blog post, and tailor an audience of people that you’ve never reached before! 

Through events, you can also promote yourself further using social media. For example, posting live updates of customers browsing the collection of goods you’ve taken with you and hash tagging them to trade with more people online. All PR agencies will know when the right time of the day is to post, what hashtags will be most effective and how regularly you should post. You don’t want to spam your followers; merely display the service that you’re offering! 

Target Audience

PR agencies can help to decide whether you’re going to do better from targeting wedding planners, wedding agencies or directly the bride and groom. 

If as a company you feel you work best with targeting a couple themselves, you need to consider a list of factors to get to know your audience better. Think about their ages, the type of wedding they’re looking for and their budget. The wedding industry is all about how you can adapt your venue to suit the needs of your customers in the best possible way, and a wedding PR agency can help you to do so. In particular, it can be difficult to find a common ground with your customers, and building a rapport with them is even more stress. That’s why you can leave it down to a PR agency who have an expertise in this whilst you focus on providing the best service out there! 

What can VerriBerri offer you?

If you’re wedding venue is seeking assistance, you should consider getting in touch with us! We have worked as a wedding PR agency for over a decade now, and we know what techniques to exactly use to bring publicity to your business and see a demand for your service. We have excellent skills in social media and blogging which is an absolute must for anyone who has a business in the wedding market. 

Let us help your brand take a greater approach to attract more customers and see your business in the mainstream media. Contact us here for more information today!