Wedding Social Media Marketing

social media is vital for wedding venues

Wedding Social Media Marketing

Why Wedding Social Media Marketing Is Perfect For The Big Days

Weddings are purportedly the happiest days of people’s lives. The sad thing is, however, that many people’s wedding days aren’t as good as they could be; because they don’t know where to look for various wedding services. Whether it be the catering, the venue, the planner or the dressmaker, couples end up settling.

It’s imperative that you market your wedding-specific brand effectively in order for more people to see you, and for more people to have the day they truly deserve. There’s nothing better than a wedding day that lives up to expectation. Conversely, there’s nothing worse than one that doesn’t. The team here at VerriBerri, an agency delivering wedding social media marketing, want to show you the rewards to be reaped from an effective marketing strategy.

Getting Your Brand Seen

Exposure. Not that thing you get when you stay out in the cold too long, we mean brand exposure. With over a decade of experience as a wedding social media marketing agency; we’ve talked to countless wedding brands that simply don’t get seen in the way they want or need to be.

We’ve all got that friend who’s been engaged for what seems like forever. The spouse-to-be who spends hours on Pinterest and Instagram creating mood boards and favouriting wedding-related hashtags. Asides from being a complete sinkhole of your time, this demographic provides a huge marketing opportunity for your brand.

Increasingly, couples don’t shop around online for their wedding related needs, they trawl through social media channels. If you can bolster your brand’s social media presence, you’re onto a winner. If you implement more consistent posting and improve the quality of content that you’re putting out, then people will come. There’s no question about it. If the service/product that you’re offering is worthwhile, then trust in that. Social media will give you the best possible chance of attracting custom by utilising social media more.

At a wedding social media marketing agency, we have a specialist in-house team of content creators. They will make your social media content take shape and come to fruition. From idea inception, to scheduling and all the way through to posting; a social media team can manage the whole project. Another thing worth noting about wedding brands is that they can come across as very similar – on social media at least. To combat this you need to introduce more innovative and abstract marketing concepts into your social media channels. This could be finding a way to incorporate virtual reality into your marketing, for example!

People Love A Glimpse Behind The Scenes

It’s human nature to be curious. Sure, people love to see the glitz and the glam of a finished wedding dress, or an immaculately turned out venue, but they also love a bit of voyeurism. Offer BTS insights into the running of your brand. Highlight the processes involved within your business and not just the finished product.

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For example, if your brand crafts wedding dresses, then share stories of the dress being made! Or if you’re a historic wedding venue, offer snapshots into the history of the venue itself – anecdotes, fun facts, that sort of thing. Give your brand more personality and life, and make it more relatable by offering these kinds of glimpses. Couples want to know the wedding services they’re using are professional, yes, but also personable. As a wedding social media marketing agency, we can help brainstorm ideas and the kind of content that will convey this approachable, friendly quality you want associate with your wedding brand.

Nothing Shows Off Visuals & Aesthetics Like Social Media Does

There are few other mediums which show off the impact of your brand as instantaneously as social media does. Within the space of one phone screen, you can have a grid of 9 or so Instagram photos displaying your high-end product or service in the way that a double page advert in a magazine would have no chance of doing. 

Wedding social media marketing offers a double whammy of effectiveness; you’re getting a quantity of content being seen, whilst never limiting the quality of content that’s being seen. You don’t even need to hire a photographer for your content anymore, any good smartphone has a camera more than capable of taking the sort of snaps required to show off your brand. Unless, of course you’re a wedding photographer, maybe stick with the fancy equipment in that instance!

Collaboration Across The Nation

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With such an investment into social media personalities, otherwise known as influencers, it’s almost criminal not to try and utilise them somehow. If you can get influencers to endorse and sponsor your wedding service brand, then you can be guaranteed that people will be more interested. The ultimate coup is to get them to actually use your service for their big day.

This is the kind of endorsement which shows genuine care for your product or service, and not the transparent, shallow kind of advertising that a lot of influencer marketing has become in recent times. Building these sorts of meaningful relationships also tends to lead to repeat business later on down the line. The wedding industry has traditionally been one built around word-of-mouth. Whilst wedding social media marketing is gradually changing this, it’s still very helpful to have the odd established online name singing your praises to their friends.

If you’re reading this as a married individual, think back to your wedding day. Was there something that could’ve been better? Probably. Was that something that could’ve been solved by finding that particular wedding service on social media? Almost certainly. As a wedding brand, your goal is to provide as many couples as possible with the best day of their lives. This is no small to task to burden solely on your own shoulders. So, let someone else carry a bit of that load! If you’d like to find out more about how our wedding social media marketing agency can help your big-day brand thrive, then get in touch! Just click here to contact our expert team.