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Wedding Venue Marketing

Top Insights On Wedding Venue marketing 

The wedding industry is one full of brilliant white dresses; magical multi-tiered cakes, laughs, toasts and most of all, ruthless marketing strategies. Don’t mistake the nice industry that your brand is in, as your competitors are still taking a hardline approach to achieve success. This is an industry teeming with competition, with brands ready to topple thrones at every corner. In such an industry, you simply can’t afford to fall behind the pack. Once you’re there, you’ll never catch up again. The team here at VerriBerri, a wedding venue marketing agency in Essex; wants to divulge some tips on how to stay ahead of that chasing pack.

Get Savvy With Social Media Marketing

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In terms of outreach, social media is hard to beat. Because you can utilise localised hashtags, you can be incredibly targeted with your marketing whilst still accessing a large audience. Ordinarily, if you opt for a larger audience, you sacrifice specificity. On the other hand; if you want to be targeted you tend to only have access to a smaller tranche of people. But this isn’t the case with social media.

Annoyingly, wedding brands are one of the most prevalent business account types on Instagram and other similar social media platforms. That means you need to think more laterally than your competitors whilst putting out top-quality content as a bare minimum.

All of this requires a lot of work and time which not every business owner is able to put into their social media channels. But most wedding venue marketing is conducted on these platforms in today’s digital world, so, what’s the solution? Most marketing agencies will have in-house teams of social media specialists ready and waiting to take over your accounts. They can handle everything from content creation and curation to the more tedious side of things, the scheduling for consistency purposes. This allows you and your employees to focus on the aspects of the business that you’re more familiar and comfortable with.

Access Those Industry Publications

The best marketing strategy for your wedding venue promotion is to combine the mainstream and widespread appeal of social media marketing with the renown of securing coverage in a large publication. The wedding industry is one of those that has both major B2B and B2C magazines and newspapers. The key is to try to access them both, gaining popularity with the consumer and respect within leading industry circles, alike. Objectively good PR teams are hard to come by. Of course, you wouldn’t think this was the case with the kind of bluster and peacocking that many agencies display online. But the reality is, PR teams that can secure you both a quality and quantity of leads are exceedingly rare and they’re worth their weight in glossy-print gold.

PR teams do more than just land articles, however. They’re experienced in many other facets of brand marketing and promotion, one of which is event management and representation, which just so happens to segue nicely onto our next point…

Who Doesn’t Love A Launch Event?

There’s something very misleading about the term launch event because it implies you can only do it once you’ve set up. However, the truth is that you can host a launch event 

whenever you like, marketing it as a re-launch, a launch of a new part of your venue, a new face-lift, it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you get people there. If ever there was an industry that benefitted from events, it’s most definitely the wedding venue sector.


The benefits of such events are two-fold. Firstly, you’re getting a chance to show off your venue first hand to consumers and other wedding brands alike – just as you would at a trade fair. However, with your own launch event, everybody’s attention is focused on your venue. The second benefit is the volume of quality content you can get from such events. You can then intersperse this throughout your website, your social channels and offer it up to journalists for publications. People are always more interested in seeing original images and video content as opposed to stock material. The usual difficulty, however, is that most people end up recycling through already used original content relatively quickly. That’s why it’s always helpful to secure fresh original content where you’re able.

See A Venue Without Seeing It

Traditionally, people would only have been able to tour a venue by going to it, and people would only go and see it if they thought there was a good chance it was a venue they’d want to use for the big day. This means you’re missing out on a big swathe of people who may love your venue, but whose interest just wasn’t quite peaked enough for whatever reason. Now, however, there’s a relatively simple workaround that could boost your footfall and number of enquiries significantly.

We’re talking here about virtual tours. This gives people a much more organic way of wandering around your venue than pictures offer, whilst all from the comfort of their own home. Implementing such tour functionality into your venue’s website not only looks professional, but it will seriously boost the chances of people coming and seeing your venue in person. It’s not a feature of wedding venue marketing that a lot of people consider, which is why you should.

The wedding game is always going to remain competitive, and whilst the trends with it may change, the demand will not. It’s vital you understand how best to promote your wedding venue to the highest of standards. Whatever marketing and promotion approach you take, ensure that you cover all bases. The best wedding venues are those that market themselves across all conceivable avenues. So, if you’d like to find out any more about our wedding venue marketing work, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. With so many venues out there, we want to help you show why yours is the one to go for.