What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?

We had someone in recently who spent time with our Essex marketing team on a work experience programme.

We realised there was quite a large gap in her knowledge with regards to what marketing actually is. She isn’t alone, when asked most people will struggle to answer concisely. Read on to find out what we think. 

“Marketing is a powerful tool for your business. Be it through social networks, a website or the media, many companies wouldn’t be where they are today without marketing.

 Marketing is identifying the audience you’re aiming for, anticipating what they want and then satisfying those needs and wants to make a profit. The purpose of marketing is to attract customers to your business, along with convincing current customers to buy more. 

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Café

 The power of marketing has grown further over the last few years. With more people engaging in technology, it’s easier to reach your audience and catch their attention. A lot of people are more vocal, making it easier for you to find out what your audience wants.

 The power of marketing can make the difference between your business being successful or not. It identifies your competitors, detects both new and potential customers and recognises new product areas that can help your business expand further.

 There is a very high chance that you are missing out on a large number of potential customers if you aren’t marketing well. By using marketing to help your business we can guarantee that you will see an improvement.”

Marketing is very important to every business because it helps to build and grow that company, as well as helping you rise above the competition.

Great marketing, like ours, can really make a difference between you or your competitor gaining clients and sales.

Is using a marketing team better for you?

Marketing agency in Essex

Using our Essex marketing team is more efficient than using an in-house member of staff for a number of reasons. Marketing teams have expert skills and systems, allowing them to carry out tasks such as graphic design, website development, PR, offline and online marketing, we also have specialised equipment to carry out the tasks required to an exceptional standard.

Using our marketing team can save time and money for your business, as you have someone else taking care of a very important part of having a successful business.

62% of companies now outsource their marketing.

Outsourcing marketing is not only more cost-effective but offers a more diverse set of skills than that of an individual. When you choose to employ a single person, you don’t benefit from the experience, ideas and skills that you get from a team.

Wewill spread out the workload among our team. This stops everything being pushed onto one person making work a longer and more stressful experience. In. addition to this, you will find that the expertise each individual has only adds to your results. When outsourcing, the fees are lower as you are not responsible for overheads as you only pay for agency hours.

For more information contact our Essex marketing team, we work with clients globally and are available for an initial free meeting.