Why would you want to use a marketing agency?

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Why would you want to use a marketing agency?

Why do you need a marketing consultant ? We all know it’s more important than ever to run your business seamlessly. The slightest crack and you know your competitor will snatch that sale from under your nose.

Lie back and take a break from your marketing and someone will jump into your place and start doing what you did – just bigger and better.

Far too often a company’s marketing is overlooked completely. Or even worse – it is done, by employing someone with minimal marketing experience. It goes without saying that this can be very damaging to your business!

Going it alone.

It’s not unusual for us to be called in to help someone who has given marketing a shot themselves, or used a friend to do it for them. Although capable in their own right, these people are completely unskilled when it comes to marketing.

From a professional viewpoint, we want to see you doing what you do best. Running your business! You should be able to leave the marketing to those of us who are going to enhance your business, not ruin it! 

It’s important to emphasise that marketing is not something you can do once in a while. You also can’t switch it off every time the results kick in and back on when you aren’t doing well. There’s a reason your enquiries slow down when you stop marketing! 

Unsurprisingly, it’s vital to keep up to date with marketing trends. The Internet is an amazing thing and if used properly is a very powerful tool that can enormously increase profit. Ah yes, profit. Predictably this is one of the reasons that every single business needs a real marketing specialist.

There is not a single business out there that could not benefit from an experienced marketing specialist. Of course, small businesses will not be able to shoulder the expense of a full time marketing team, but we can assist you with a reduced campaign that still has excellent results. 

A larger company could assist from a full-time contract, integrating public relations, SEO, print advertising or the many other types of media advertising available.

When you choose the marketing specialist or agency to represent your company you should take your time. After all, your business’s success is at risk.

Always contemplate the variety of work the specialist or agency has previously carried out. Do they have any familiarity in researching competition? Do they intend to go the extra mile to understand the company and its clients? Does the company have strength in the subject of marketing? What about their capacity to quantify the success of the advertising or marketing plan? Are they old-fashioned in their concepts and mind-set?

The issue lots of companies have is you’re finding it difficult to adjust your approach to keep in line with what your customers want right now.

This is not unexpected, because the only way to successfully promote your business is with involvement and experience in the marketing industry. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have this in-house. This means either hiring in a full-time member of staff; or outsourcing to an agency specializing in small to medium sized businesses; such as us.

So what should you expect from your marketing consultant?

A good marketing consultant should:

  • Be skilled in several different marketing techniques and strategies.
  • Offer your company original, inspired and of course effective marketing plans that are bespoke to your company.
  • Possess the knowledge to evaluate your present marketing strategy and pinpoint any issues and offer appropriate resolutions.
  • Have the ability to manage any concerns or snags that might develop throughout your marketing campaign rapidly and professionally with a suitable resolution.
  • Compare and study your marketing statistics (plus provide regular reports)
  • Keep in regular contact, listening to your ideas and offering suggestions

The following are a few ideas to contemplate when choosing your marketing consultant:

References – You need to be certain that your consultant can give you real client testimonials. Ask for a few clients and contact them for a reference.

Evaluate – It’s well worth speaking to a few consultants and making a comparison, but just in terms of price, see how comfortable they make you feel.

Research – Carry out some of your own research to find out if there is anything you need to be aware of, such as complaints online.

Relationship – It’s really important to have a comfortable relationship. You need somebody that listens to you and you get along with, if you have a feeling that they aren’t on your wavelength it’s usually better for both parties if you keep looking elsewhere.

Originality – You need someone who has a unique outlook on your marketing. If the person you are speaking to seems ‘stale’ or lacking ideas you must keep on looking.

Several Strategies – You must never rely on one strategy. It’s a terrible idea to put all your marketing eggs in one basket. Make sure your chosen consultant will be running multiple, planned strategies that will be tested and measured.

What about the price?

We know that the economy at the moment isn’t exactly one for spending, and in the last few years many of your customers will have been reluctant to part with money, plus your old methods of marketing will certainly not be as effective.

What you need is a new tactic, but where do you begin? You should not risk your marketing budget by trying various strategies until you finally find something that works.
This is why experience is crucial and you will find that you need somebody with real proficiency who will perfectly evaluate your existing position and propose established marketing resolutions.

Appointing a marketing consultant is an extra cost that must be sensibly thought out, but business is about removing superfluous expenditure, not all spending. A great agency will pay for themselves from the new clients they bring to you; plus save you money by ensuring that your marketing budget is used appropriately.

Hopefully the above information will assist you in your evaluation; after all you have to market your company so make sure you make the right decisions.

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