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Pinning Down The Perfect Strategy With A Women’s Fashion PR Agency

The fashion industry is one of the most satisfying within which to succeed. This is partly down to the wonderful aesthetic world that you surround yourself with; but it’s also partly because it’s incredibly difficult to succeed in, so any success is incredibly rewarding as a businessperson. The reason that so much difficulty lies within its opulent walls, is that the fashion industry is beyond saturated. There’s an incredible amount of competition that you have to cut through in order to stand any chance of survival. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading women’s fashion PR agency; jotted down their thoughts so that you can be one of the leaders, not the followers.

Your Best Friend Called, You Know, PR?

Your brand isn’t going to go anywhere without it first being seen, especially a fashion brand. The fashion industry is still dominated by leading publications such as VogueElle and Vanity Fair. What they say has a huge impact on the direction the fashion market proceeds to follow. In terms of influence, they’re up there with the largest fashion houses themselves. How do you access fashion publications?

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You do so through the magic of PR. A discipline shrouded in mystery (well, not really), PR executives act as the in to these magazines. How they work is devilishly simple. They take your brand’s message, angle or product, and they pitch it to journalists, using their time-honed skills to lure the journalists in. But not in a creepy way!

Without a PR team, you’d be stuck on the riverbank with a stick and some twine attached; trying desperately to catch something, anything other than an old leather boot. With a PR team, you grant your brand a twin-engine fishing boat that can take you out into the open waters of the fashion world, and start reeling in some realcatches. At our women’s fashion PR agency; we have an immensely talented team on hand to deliver the kind of coverage that your brand needs to get noticed.

There are few job titles that require the sort of attention to detail, love and care for a brand, ruthless organisation and enthusiasm that a PR employee does. That’s what makes us such valuable assets to have by your brand’s side going forward.

What’s Fashion Without Social Media Nowadays

An Instagram story is just as fleeting as a trend in the fashion industry. The two separate entities, social media and fashion, are so uncannily similar that it’s almost scary. Both depend on visuals, the trends in both are driven by popular voices and both access a cast number of people across the whole world. As a fashion brand, if you fail to use social media platforms to your advantage, then prepare to fail altogether. The kind of outreach and scale of audience it can provide you with if tackled properly is staggering. A women’s fashion PR agency has a social media department that can manage your brand’s social channels. We combine expertise and consistency with your brand’s personality so that you grow your following organically and sustainably. They will also make sure that everything they put out is, if you’ll forgive the pun, on-brand.

A Killer Combo For Website Ranking

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If you use the two disciplines above in conjunction with one another; you’re on for a big multiplier in terms of website ranking. Increasingly, the world of fashion is being conducted online. Even those fashion businesses with a large physical-store presence have started to dedicate more of their energies into the world of e-commerce. Securing online PR articles helps provide your fashion brand’s website with invaluable ­back-links. Back-links, for those of you not versed in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are simply a link in another site’s content. In this case let’s say an online fashion magazine’s article about you, that follows back through to your brand’s website. Google gives the equivalent of an A+ for those websites that can demonstrate quality backlinks. This in turn means your fashion brand will start to appear higher and higher up the search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

Social media has a similarly beneficial impact on SEO rankings for a brand. A strong social following on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms only does good things for where you appear on popular Google searches. The ability now to link e-shops to social media accounts will also then lead to greater revenue for your brand provided you’ve put in that social media groundwork. Which is, again, why it just goes to show how beneficial properly targeting social media marketing is. A women’s fashion PR agency will always have SEO actively in their mind, figuring out how best to get you noticed more. That’s their first and foremost priority in everything that they do.

Why Is SEO So Important, Anyway?

We’ve established and will reiterate here that exposure and being seen is vital for any brand, but especially a fashion brand. You can’t run a fashion brand built on the premise of nobody knowing about your clothes, it’s nonsensical. The online nature of the world today means that a lot of your business traffic will now stem through online avenues. With that in mind, if you’re not appearing as one of the leading search results for what you offer – ‘women’s bikinis’, for example – then you’re going to struggle to pin down any sort of business longevity.

Fashion is a fickle temptress, don’t be conned into thinking a brief stint of brand success equates to industry security, because it doesn’t. What secures that is the backing of a PR agency constantly working on your brand’s behalf. So, if you’d like to find out more about our women’s fashion PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. If you’re just starting out or found your brand to be floundering in the mud, then we can help!