YouTube marketing is an effective tool, as evidenced by Manchester City


What do you think of when someone says ‘celebrity endorsement?’ Many of us jump to television stars, singers, actors and famous personalities. But YouTube marketing is the new path, with rapidly rising popularity, freedom to video what they choose and millions of subscribers. The wisest of the marketers are looking towards this internet alternative, YouTube marketing. 

Take the example of the cyber sensation that is ‘Pewdiepie’.

By far the most subscribed person on YouTube with over 30 million, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s main streaming theme within his videos is comedy gaming. Gaming technology company ‘Razer’ picked up on this, and decided to give Pewdiepie a complete set of Razer branded products, many of which constantly appear in his videos, most noticeably his Razer earphones. Pewdiepie mentions the brand fairly frequently, resulting in millions of fans gaining brand awareness. (Trust me, the marketing strategy works. My own boyfriend bought himself Razer earphones, mouse and keyboard because he saw Pewdiepie use them.)

Next is Zoella.

A rising YouTuber and extremely popular blogger who mainly focuses on beauty and fashion.  The fashion blogger started by teaming up with the brand ‘Simple.’ They released a group of small campaigns named ‘Skin Social’ which appeared before certain YouTube videos. Simple and Zoella teamed together to create a new blogging platform via Tumblr, crafted especially to help girls feel better in the skin they’re in. With her own book release, lines in Boots, and subscribers rising by the day, individuals such as Zoella are becoming the perfect marketing pinpoint for brands, many of them gaining further success from making this choice.

YouTube Pr agency

One of the keys to marketing is to keep it current. To identify your target audience and find what they expose themselves to. With more and more people turning to YouTube for entertainment, more companies are becoming aware of this untapped marketing goldmine.

YouTube has claimed that they deliver a higher return on investment than TV campaigns. This is likely because brands spend relatively low sums on the creation of their videos. Is this why YouTube has become such a phenomenon for online marketing?

Videos are a powerful communication tool

The main reasons for the above two stars success is that they both post relatable content on a frequent basis.  Through videos, you are able to quickly relay information to your viewers without them having to read any text.  In turn, you are able to retain their attention for longer periods of time. In the same amount of time taken for someone to skim read your blog, it’s likely they would have finished watching your video and taken more away from it. This said, our marketing company is not suggesting you avoid posting website content entirely, but to post videos as well.

YouTube is the second most popular site on the Internet.

Approximately 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube per day. This is a phenomenal statistic and one that emphasises the sites popularity – they overtook Google as the second most visited website! Whilst many use YouTube to stream music, viewers will come across your videos, seeing them as a compliment to the one they have just finished watching (courtesy of YouTube’s related video panel). Just be sure to give your video a title that will entice any potential viewers.

YouTube will help your SEO presence

In an ongoing battle for search dominance, YouTube videos are being used as part of a strategy for getting onto the first page of Google and improving ones marketing for business. If you don’t get your videos on Google, I can assure you your competitors will with theirs. Since YouTube is still relatively young, ranking well is easier to achieve than you may think. Simply ensure your titles are correctly keyworded and that your videos are tagged to attract your target user.

YouTube marketing can significantly enhance your lead generation:

According to a recent study, simply having a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Research also reveals that 74% of customers who watched a video that explained the product or service then went on to buy it. You can host your video on YouTube and run it off your site. 

YouTube for PR

Having a video present will increase the amount of time customers will spend on your site. A longer exposure period builds trust and shows Google and other search engines that you have good content. If you have a video on your site, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on search results.

If your business can see an 80% increase in conversions, why wouldn’t you want to invest in video production? But fear not! You don’t have to be the new and improved version of Tarantino, you simply just need content that explains clearly what your product is.

Want to know the secret to successful conversions and sales? Trust. The whole concept of marketing is based on trust and creating strong, long lasting working relationships. Perhaps lay off the hard sell and let them come to you. By producing relevant and interesting content, leads will come to you. Through video marketing, you can engage and trigger emotions.

With more people on mobile phones than ever, videos and mobiles go hand in hand. YouTube reports that mobile video watchers rise by 100% every year. Since people are always on the go paired with the number of smartphone users growing- your potential audience could only get bigger and bigger.

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