Construction marketing consultants


Construction marketing consultants

What construction marketing consultants in Essex can offer your construction company

Marketing and PR are a key tool to any construction businesses longevity and success. The level of your marketing and PR is what can set you apart from your competitors. Imagine your service or product is the best in your industry; but one of your competitors is investing time and effort into their marketing and PR techniques therefore gaining all of the clients over you.

Our construction marketing consultants  can offer a whole host of different services to suit your needs. Whether you need a full PR and marketing agency to put you on the map; or require our consultants to guide your company in the right direction then our construction marketing consultants can be of assistance to you. 

Pr for construction firm

Our team can offer a variety of services in media relations, SEO, social media, web development, graphic design and crisis management. The whole team are under one roof and are highly experienced in the industry, which ensures exceptional results. Our team has over 11 years of knowledge to provide the correct advice for your individual needs. 

Construction marketing consultants could be a vital aspect to your company as we offer everything from a one-off plan to ongoing support to develop your company. Here at VerriBerri, we make sure we cater to all budgets. Every business should be given the chance to achieve high level of marketing and PR.

Our consultancy team can curate a detailed plan of how best to grow your business and steer you in the right direction. In addition to this we can work alongside your in-house marketing team, allowing two departments to come together in order to further your brand.

Content marketing 

Construction is one of the largest industries out there, with a host of companies that come under the category. But because of this vast genre; there are so many different businesses that fall into it, meaning that almost every firm has a niche. This can work to your advantage when it comes to developing a content marketing strategy for your construction company.

The goal of content marketing is to bring more qualified, reputable and relevant leads to your website, by providing them with valuable information about your industry. Marketing doesn’t always have to mean sales. If you try to hard sell something to your customers, it will turn them away.

Always remember to create your content around allowing consumers to learn about the industry; rather than forcing your product or service upon them. The first rule to any good marketing and PR is to establish your audience and then target that niche through your content. 

How important content is for SEO

One of the top benefits to search engine optimisation is that it boosts your rankings in search results for key words and phrases related to your construction company. This is extremely important considering businesses in the top 3 spots receive the most customers compared to its competitors below.

The content you include in your SEO is vital to the success of the ranking. Always begin by including keywords relevant to your company. Research and use words that your target audience is going to be looking for in the search engine. Following that, incorporate these keywords into your site content such as blogs and articles. Create custom content addressing topics that potential customers want to learn about. 

Publishing unique and helpful copy will keep your site fresh, positioning your company as a leader in your field. Within your website always make sure that your information is signposted and easy to navigate. This will keep consumers on your site for a longer period of time. As well as industry related key words, use geographical phrases. Optimisation for local search can help people to find your construction business and get in contact.

Why is social media important for construction marketing? 

No matter if you are in the construction industry or any other industry, every business should be on social media. Social media builds trust between customers as well as creating a brand image. Social media not only allows you to show off your work through visuals; but it aids in helping to increase web traffic, search rankings and boosting overall awareness.

There are best practises to follow to establish a strong social media presence for your construction company. Before you even think about the imagery and content you are going to post of your platforms you need to establish your target market; your unique selling point and what social platform to use. 

Office for marketing agency

First you must understand the people buying your products. Try out different data sites to collect demographic information as to who your audience are. Creating a customer profile can help you to focus on what customers really want. Once a customer profile is established, examine what social media your audience uses.

Decide which platform would have the most benefits for your industry, then direct all of your content through that tunnel. Lastly make sure all of your content is to a high standard. Use a mix of high-resolution images and well curated graphics, paired with unique and savvy captions. On top of this keep it engaging to create relationships with customers. 

Why PR is important for construction marketing?

An effective PR strategy can benefit your construction business in numerous different ways. It can increase your brand awareness, to customers and potential customers. PR also builds a positive reputation within the industry, by getting your businesses name out there. It can attract key personnel and influencers to your brand, which will generate further awareness. PR also increases online domain authority and search visibility in search engines, which as mentioned before will increase those rankings. 

Our construction marketing consultants have had a whole host of successes in PR; when it comes to generating leads for some of our previous and existing clients. One client we can use as an example to showcase the amount of leads our PR team has generated is Borehole Solutions. They are a geotechnical drilling solutions company, who have used us as their PR agency from February 2020. In six months our dedicated PR team has generated 19 leads into different media outlets and publications. Increasing the reputation and awareness of their business, which in turn increases their sales. 

If your company requires a dedicated team of construction marketing consultants; then click here to get in contact with one of our team members today.