How to find a good marketing agency

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How to find a good marketing agency

Choosing the right marketing agency can be difficult. There are many options out there but what makes them different? You know you need an agency, you understand the massive benefit they will bring to your business, but how do you move forward? 

A typical marketing spend is between ten and twenty percent of annual revenue, so you really need to know you’re with a marketing agency you can trust. 

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The truth is, if this is new territory for you why should you know who to choose? The team here at VerriBerri are passionate about both results and service, so we want to explain exactly what you should be looking for when you’re searching for an agency for your business. 

Experience in your industry. 

Has this agency worked in your field before? You need to find the right balance; you don’t want to work with someone who has no experience in what you do. Equally, you don’t want to work with people who only work in your industry. Why? Because if they do, naturally there will come a time when they have to make ethical decisions regarding your business. Let’s imagine a journalist calls with an amazing PR opportunity for a chef. What client do they give that lead to? Chef A, B, or C? Or perhaps they have two clients who want to rank for the keyword ‘construction agency’. What one do they decide to work harder for? Who gets the number one spot and who will sit at number two, never quite reaching that elusive top Google ranking? 

As you can see, balance is key. You need to work with an agency who know their beans, but don’t have shares in Heinz. Ask all the right questions and find out exactly where you would sit with them. Everything in life is about moderation. Speaking of which… 

What is your budget? 

You need to hit that sweet spot where you aren’t such a small client for this marketing agency that you are forgotten, but equally, you aren’t a big fish in a small pond. If you become the largest contract by far that this agency has to deal with, you’ll find they are scrambling to know what to do with themselves. They will never have dealt with a budget like yours, so how do you know they will spend it well? You need to know you sit comfortably within what that marketing agency knows and understands. Ask them who their ideal client looks like. Question what they would be doing with your budget, but important ask why. Make sure you are fully confident that there is theory in what they are doing, and they aren’t hoping that by flinging work out something, somewhere will stick. 

Do they fit with your business? 

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Most marketing agencies are creative, but the right agency will impress with creativity and astound with results.  Only work with an agency if they are as keen as you to lock down targets and goals. For example, when we start working with a new company, we draw up a ‘scope of work’. This is essentially a document that clearly, and I mean absolutely no waffle; explains what we are going to be doing and the KPI’s we will meet.

That’s right, VerriBerri are one of the very few marketing agencies who guarantee results. We aren’t scared to say we know what you will be getting because we are positive, we cannot just meet but exceed your expectations. We don’t think it’s biased to say that this is what you should be looking for when you employ the services of a digital agency. 

What are the terms? 

Many agencies are rigid in how they work, which is great for them but terrible for the customer. Ideally you need a marketing agency who can adapt the payment structure to meet you. For example, VerriBerri offer the following. 

  • Per Hour – The agency will carry out work for you based upon an hourly rate. 
  • Monthly retainer – This is when you pay an agreed figure on a monthly basis and the agency will carry out agreed work for that sum,

One off fee – This is a fixed price for a specific project that has a clearly defined scope. 

What is the contract length? 

Many agencies we have come into contact with offer twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four month contracts. But what if that doesn’t suit your business model? The right agency should be flexible and try to meet your needs too. Make sure you ask them what their terms are so you can be clear on what you are getting involved in. 

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Do you like them?

I could argue that I spend more time working than with my family, and I bet you do to! You’re going to be spending time talking to these people, listening to their ideas and knowing they are looking after one of the most important functions of your company, your reputation. If you don’t like them, you don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of getting through this working relationship satisfied. Make sure you are fully happy with your choice and if you aren’t, keep looking. The right marketing agency for you will ‘get’ what you want. That intangible je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference. 

We hope this blog has been helpful in assisting you in how to find a good marketing agency. 

If you are looking for help, we would love to hear from you. We are a full-service digital PR and marketing agency in Essex. We work with clients not just in the UK but globally. We have a variety of clients in a key six industries which offers us eleven years’ experience without being too niche. We also offer outstanding results at an affordable price. 

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